Precious Metals Refining Insurance

Our Specialty Risks Division has you covered.

As a Precious Metals Refinery, there are many specialized needs related to the type of insurance coverage you require.

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Metal refiners working

Our experienced and dedicated staff are industry leaders in protecting refineries, by helping to secure their business. Covering things such as:

  • Employee theft coverage
  • Blanket stock on the insured's premise
  • Stock in the care custody and control of non-owned locations
  • Stock-in-transit
  • Money - on and off insured's premise
  • Transit of insured's property via armored car
  • Equipment, machines, furniture and fixtures, improvements and betterments
  • Property covered while being transported by Registered Mail, Federal Express, UPS
  • Express Mail and similar overnight services
  • Stock while being transported via ship
  • Stock while going to, coming from, and while at trade shows
  • Insured's property in the care, custody and control of sales personnel

Marshall & Sterling is a member of the International Precious Metal Institute [Insert Logo]


Finding the right partner.

Assessing risk and protecting your business from loss is critical. Aligning your company with the right insurance provider, one that can deliver exceptional coverage at a competitive price, is paramount to your profitability and success. Call us today to speak with a member of the Specialty Risks Team to learn more about our experience in the industry and recommendations.

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