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Classic/Antique Cars

What’s your classic worth?

There are many considerations to consider when creating a policy to suit your classic car.

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Drive away with the proper coverage.

Your classic/antique automobile is an investment; make sure you insure it properly. Standard auto insurance or your homeowner's policy does not cover your prized possession in the case of a loss.

A typical classic car insurance policy includes the following:

  • Agreed value coverage-pays for the car's full-insured value with no depreciation in the event of a total loss, less your deductible.
  • Inflation guard-to compensate for how classic cars increase in value over time, the policy increases the vehicle's value quarterly.
  • Spare parts coverage.
  • Flexible usage-ability to drive the vehicle up to 2,500 or 5,000 miles annually. Not limited to "parades only."

Reminisce about the past while protecting your vehicle for the future. Contact Marshall & Sterling to learn more about all of our unique insurance solutions for your antique and collector cars.

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Additional coverage options:

  • Emergency towing in case of a breakdown.
  • Roadside assistance for items such as a flat tire, dead battery or running out of gas.
  • Emergency lockout.
  • Lost key return.
  • Emergency travel expenses in case your classic vehicle breaks down while away from home.
  • Car show expenses-policy will pay for expenses associated with missing a car show due to a breakdown.
  • Theft reward.
  • Personal effects-policy will reimburse you for items that are vandalized or stolen when reported to police.
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