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Our pride in ownership drives us to be an insurance agency unlike any other, and we're looking for qualified candidates to join our team.

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Why Marshall & Sterling?

We are a 100% employee-owned business who believes that our people are your best insurance. Since our beginnings in 1864, Marshal & Sterling has grown to be a Top 40 Independent Insurance Company in the U.S. - providing global experience alongside a strong local focus and commitment to our communities. Marshall & Sterling has been voted Best Place to Work by the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, and one of "America's Best Agencies to Work For" (Eastern Region) by the Insurance Journal.

An integral part of our culture and identity is providing critical and valuable products to protect and advise individuals and businesses. In other words, in a world where insurance has become a very necessary part of life, we stand to maintain its value and integrity by:

  • Working with our clients from a total cost of risk perspective
  • Providing a unique combination of tools and resources to our clients
  • Providing our clients with a one-on-one, personalized experience

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Marshall & Sterling is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, dedicated to hiring personnel who are best suited for our career opportunities. These decisions are made without any knowledge or consideration of any individual's membership in any protected class, and we do not use personal information in our hiring process. Any personal information found on the application or any supporting documentation will be removed as soon as it is discovered. All applications received by Marshall & Sterling will only remain active for a period of three months from the date of receipt.

Marshall & Sterling is committed to promoting safety and high standards of employee performance, productivity and reliability. In order to achieve this, all finalists may be subjected to a background check or drug test prior to being hired to assure the Company that the applicant does not currently have narcotics, sedatives, stimulants and/or other controlled substances in his/her body. Further, Marshall & Sterling supports a Drug-Free Workplace Policy.


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Become a Sales Executive

Are you...

  • Energetic?

  • Motivated?

  • Determined for success?

Are you looking for:

  • A long-term career with an uncapped income potential?

  • An employee owned company that cares about and invests in its employee-owners?

Marshall & Sterling is always hiring individuals who answer yes to the questions above to become part of our team of knowledgeable Sales Executives. While a background in insurance is a plus, we understand that the right person for the job may also come from a successful sales role in a different industry. If you are a sales oriented professional and are looking for a career with unlimited potential for growth, a balance of independence and team spirit, mentorship and training, and a corporate identity of trusted advisors and culture of integrity, Apply Now!

Whether you’re just starting your career or considering a transition after years in sales, we understand that you will be investing a great deal of your time and energy into the company you work for; you will be taking a leap of faith that you will have made a worthwhile investment.

Hear what Our Sales Executives Have to Say 

Company Structure

Our unique employee structure allows individuality and freedom that will enliven those with an entrepreneurial spirit while at the same time provides the guidance and support a successful sales person needs to build and retain a client base both from a corporate and client service perspective. This structure proves an asset to seasoned and green sales executives alike; those with an existing book have the support to continue to service an ever expanding client based as they continue to sell, while inexperienced sales executives have the guidance and support in the form of product and sales training to bolster their skills as they become fluent in the world of insurance and risk management.

Sales Executive Compensation Structure

Our compensation structure is designed to support our sales executives’ success. Our new sales executives start out as salaried employee-owners and as they progress toward their validation - or attainment of predetermined sales goals over a 3 year, or 36 month period - their compensation gradually shifts to commission only. This compensation plan insures that our sales people are able to focus on learning and understanding the product they will be providing more heavily at the beginning of their career, when they really need to take the time to study.

In addition to our innovative compensation plan, we provide an employee stock ownership program (ESOP). Over a seven year period, our employee owners become fully vested in stock of our company, which in the past year has reached over $1,300 per share!

Three Year Sales Executive Training Program

Our customized three year training and validation program is designed to set our sales executives up for success. Upon hire, our sales executives join a cohort of other sales executives still in the first 36 months of their validation schedule. As a sales team, they participate in monthly sales training sessions and weekly conference calls in addition to other corporate sales and product training initiatives. These weekly and monthly touches ensure that our sales executives feel the support of a team beside them as they develop and hone their knowledge and skills. Additionally, we have directors and managers in each division who provide further, one-on-one and group training or advice, as needed.

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