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Workers' Compensation

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Whether you need to increase your employee’s workplace safety or report an injury, Marshall & Sterling is ready to meet your workers' comp needs.

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“Worker’s Comp” or Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a mandatory type of insurance that protects both your employees and your company if an employee experiences an injury or work illness while at work. Having a workers’ comp policy through Marshall & Sterling protects small-business owners if unexpected accidents happen.

Programs may include:

  • Fully Insured Fund
  • Dividend Program
  • Advanced Discount
  • Savings on NYS Assessment
  • Unique Safety Prevention Services
  • Unparalleled Claims Support
  • Exceptional Service

Workers’ compensation insurance helps pay for all the bills related to a work-related injury, including medical care and lost wages. In return, you’re protected as a business owner if other issues come up.

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What's your MOD?

If you don’t know your MOD – your Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification – then your probably paying too much for coverage. Having a safe working environment, and a low MOD, keeps your Worker’s Comp premiums in check. The higher your MOD, the higher your Workers’ Compensation premiums will be.

Marshall & Sterling’s certified loss control specialists can work with you to provide safety programs and best practices to help lower your MOD, save you money on your Workers’ Comp budget, and most importantly keep your employees safe and sound. Visit our Loss Control page for more information on our Workplace Safety Compliance Program and other risk management services.

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