Marshall & Sterling are experts in multiple niches throughout the business world.

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Marshall & Sterling is one of the few insurance agencies that specialize in obtaining Cash-in-Transit coverage for the Armored Car and Courier industries.
Owning ATM machines has become a business which is growing on a daily basis. We are the best ATM business insurance.
Providing exceptional insurance and risk management services to members of SSDGNY - Service Station Dealers & Automotive Service of Greater New York.
Helping protect financial institutions of all sizes.
We understand the unique challenges related to running a brewery, winery, or distillery and can recommend custom insurance solutions.
Every business, start-ups included, should consider business insurance.
We have created a suite of insurance options and risk management services to help address the unique risks your campground or RV park operations face.
Are you covered properly? Our cannabis Practice Group is here to address your risk concerns and discuss your insurance needs.
As a check cashing business you provide services that require unique coverage.
Insurance, Surety and Risk Management for the Construction Industry.
Whatever your trade - construction, plumbing, electrical, roofing, or another trade - we have the right coverage to keep your business running safely.
Marshall & Sterling offers insurance for Child Care Programs and is Endorsed by the Family Child Care Association of New York State.
Endorsed by the North East Fabricare Association (NEFA)
Customized insurance for fuel oil and LP gas distributors.
An Equine Mortality Policy is an all perils life insurance policy for your horse.
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Our carriers provide a package policy specifically designed for farm and ranch operations. Protect your farm or ranch.
We work closely with both insurance providers and emergency service organizations to create the best solutions.
As a medical professional, you also need to think about the success, risks, and reputation of your practice.
A main focus of the hospitality industry is serving the needs of your guests. Make sure to be covered for any situation that may arise.
Covering today's land surveyors, engineers, and architects means providing a comprehensive and flexible insurance plan that manages your unique needs and risks.
There are many unique risks and needs related to being a manufacturer; make sure you have robust coverage and a professional risk management team to help
Municipal Insurance & Risk Management (NYMIR). We are the exclusive agent for NYMIR in Albany, Greene, Orange, and Ulster counties.
Have peace-of-mind about your Nature Center being protected so you can focus on your mission.
Guarding your nonprofit against loss is paramount. We realize that each nonprofit is unique, with their own specific risks and coverage needs.
We offer a broad selection of Ocean Marine insurance for many specialized needs. M&S offers inland marine, charter boat insurance, excess P&L and more.
As a Pawnbroker, there are many specialized needs related to the type of insurance coverage you require.
As a Precious Metals Refinery, there are many specialized needs related to the type of insurance coverage you require.
Make sure you have robust coverage and a professional risk management team to help you be prepared.
Protect your restaurant and its guests.
We offer a wide range of coverages for retail and wholesale business.
Insurance solutions for schools, child welfare, youth recreation, and developmental disability organizations, as well as day care and head-start programs.
By maintaining our focus on the client’s specific needs and perspective, we're able to deliver specialized products, services and insurance protection.
Technology Insurance Program is specifically designed to provide the liability and property protection needed by high tech companies.
There are many specialized risks and needs when it comes to protecting you, your company, your team, and your fleet.