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Inland Marine Insurance

Protect your movable property.

Commercial inland marine coverage protects assets and property that is movable or in transit over land. Consider inland marine insurance if you own a business that ships or transports products or equipment.

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What is inland marine insurance?

Inland Marine coverage is not for boats or marine vehicles as the name might suggest. Rather, it's a type of Property Insurance that covers types of movable property and other specialized items. Inland marine coverage is generally broader than standard property coverage. It provides coverage for a broad range of property in transit and onsite.

Truck towing heavy equipment

What is covered through a marine insurance policy?

Inland marine insurance can cover a wide range of property and materials, including:

  • Property in transit, such as fine art or jewelry
  • Property that is in the custody of a bailee
  • Property that might be an instrumentality of transportation or communication, such as bridges and radio towers
  • Mobile medical equipment
  • Contractor equipment, including computers and electronics
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