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Property & Casualty

Protecting your American dream.

Ensuring your business is protected from fire, theft, damage and other risks is essential to the safety and well being of your company. Help guard your most valued assets with property insurance coverage from Marshall & Sterling.

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Protection when disaster strikes.

As one of the largest insurance agencies in the nation, we can help protect your business, and secure your future. Property and casualty insurance can help your company stay afloat when disaster strikes.

  • Building Premises and Operations
  • Fire Damage Liability (damage by fire to premises rented to insured)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Medical Payments Products/Completed Operations
  • Damage / Theft of intellectual property
  • Inland Marine / Off premises coverage

Protect your company from liability.

The casualty portion helps protect your business from liability. It may cover accidents, such as a customer being injured by a product or service. Most lenders and financial stakeholders require a company to have casualty coverage.

Casualty coverage often includes General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Errors and Omissions, and Property Damage caused by the business.

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Protect your property, protect your future.

Property and casualty insurance are often combined to provide adequate protection. The right insurance can help your business avoid financial losses during unexpected events.

Contact your local Marshall & Sterling office to learn more about your property and casualty insurance options. We will help you find the business protection that best fits your unique needs and budget.

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