The latest news and happenings at Marshall & Sterling

Home Protection Tips
Unfortunately, no one is completely immune from theft. Whether you’re looking to protect your home while you are away on vacation or simply away at work, your first line of defense is to thwart burglars. 

Use these suggestions to help protect your home:
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Acquisition of Adirondack Regional Insurance Agency and Berger & Solomon Insurance
Marshall & Sterling Insurance, a 100% employee-owned company, has acquired Adirondack Regional Insurance Agency and Berger & Solomon Insurance, effective January 1, 2021. 
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Marshall & Sterling Insurance to Acquire Jaeger & Flynn
We are excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement to acquire Jaeger & Flynn Associates, Inc. (JFA), one of the leading employee benefits brokers and third-party administrative services (TPA) providers in New York’s greater capital region.
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Kelsey Ponesse joins the Marshall & Sterling Wealth Advisors Team
As a licensed CPA, Kelsey will leverage her knowledge to add even more value to our clients as they make their way through their financial planning process.
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Community Support - Covid-19 Matching Gifts
Through the generous donations of our employee-owners, matched by Marshal & Sterling to provide extra support during the COVID-19 crisis
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Federal & NYS Updates Regarding COVID-19
Both the Federal and New York State governments have responded to the difficulties presented by the coronavirus and have each passed laws to respond and provide relief.  We are providing the most recent information which is rapidly unfolding.
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VI Changes May Affect Your Auto Limits
Recent changes in the Virgin Islands could dramatically affect your personal and commercial auto limits. In determining the amount of automobile coverage you wish to purchase, you should be aware of a recent change in Virgin Islands law with respect to damages arising from an automobile accident caused by simple negligence.
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Walking to Defeat ALS in our Community
Recently, our team participated in the Walk to Defeat ALS that took place on the Walkway Over the Hudson.
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Preparing your Business for Flooding
Floods can sometimes be predictable. For example, charting the habitual swelling of the tides establishes typical water levels and indicates when coastal areas might be prone to flooding. However, more often than not, floods can arise without warning—rivers, lakes or the sea can overrun, swamp defenses and surge through the surrounding areas.
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Preventing Claims While Disciplining & Terminating Employees
Disciplining and terminating employees is an unpleasant task that brings high-risk exposures for employers. If you’re not careful, disciplining or terminating a difficult employee could end up costing you. Employee lawsuits can be expensive—even catastrophic for smaller firms—to litigate. They are also time-consuming and emotionally draining, and they can create tension in your workplace.
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