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Protecting Your Home From Snowmelt

Snow can melt and refreeze throughout the winter, causing dangerous ice buildups in some of the most susceptible parts of your home. Make sure to prevent snowmelt from damaging your home with these four tips:

  1. Clear snow away from your home’s foundation. Pay especially close attention to snow around stairs, window wells, doors and downspouts.
  2. Maintain your roof and gutters to prevent leaks and ice dams from forming.
  3. Make sure your gutters’ downspouts will drain snowmelt away from your home. You should also keep an eye on any street storm sewer drains to make sure they’re clear of snow.
  4. Double-check your plumbing systems, such as sump pumps and outdoor taps. Leaks or frozen pipes can make it easier for snowmelt and ice to enter your home.


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