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Nature Centers Insurance

Protect the connection between people and nature.

Have peace-of-mind about being protected so you can focus on your mission.

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Your nature organization is unique.

From board issues, to special events, to venomous snakes on your trails, we understand. Our program extends beyond coverage by offering a safety path to follow, including leadership trainings, staff continuing education, and safety resources. We help you protect nature, people, your property, your finances and your reputation.

Some of the typical insurances we recommend.

  • Directors & Officers: Your organization and individual board members can be sued for the decisions you make.
  • Employment Practices: If you have employees, volunteers, vendors, or participants this coverage provides protection from lawsuits regarding harassment, discrimination, negligent hiring & firing, and more.
  • Property & Inland Marine: In the event of fires, windstorms, and more, this coverage provides protection for your buildings, contents, exhibits and equipment.
  • Liability: Your programs, premises, the things that you do, and the people you serve.
  • Auto: To protect you when you own vehicles, rent vehicles, or have staff or volunteers that drive vehicles on your behalf.
  • Workers Compensation: Required coverage for workplace injuries causing medical expenses and lost wages.
  • Umbrella Excess Liability: Additional liability protection to increase coverage limits over liability, auto and more.
  • Watercraft: To protect your hull, equipment, and crew.
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Is a business insurance review worth my time?

Fundraising statistics state that it costs fifty cents to raise one dollar. An organized review can take just a couple of hours from start to finish and can save your organization hundreds or thousands of dollars, based on the size of your operations. But the return on investment doesn’t stop there. Reach out to the expert team at Marshall & Sterling to learn more about how we can help and go beyond just insurance.

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Tips from Experts
Tips from our experts
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Preventing Claims While Disciplining & Terminating Employees

Disciplining and terminating employees is an unpleasant task that brings high-risk exposures for employers. If you’re not careful, disciplining or terminating a difficult employee could end up costing you. Employee lawsuits can be expensive—even catastrophic for smaller firms—to litigate. They are also time-consuming and emotionally draining, and they can create tension in your workplace.

Summer Precautions for Outdoor Workers

In 2014, 2,360 workers became sick and 14 died as a result of heat illness—all of which were preventable. If you’re an outdoor worker, it is important to take precautions against exposure to sun, heat and bug bites during the summer months. 

SunTo protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays: 

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Don't Let Unpredictable Summer Weather Affect Your Business

Summer is known to be the season of fun in the sun – but it also brings the threat of dangerous storms. Summer weather can become extreme with thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornados, and the threat of flooding on top of it all. Don’t get caught unprepared in an emergency.