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Daycare & Childcare insurance

Helping to protect the future.

Marshall & Sterling offers insurance for Child Care Programs and is Endorsed by the Family Child Care Association of New York State.

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About daycare and childcare insurance.

Daycare insurance is a unique type of insurance offering created to meet the needs of a childcare business coupled with standard business coverage. Regardless if the business is out of your own home or in it’s own building, it is important to be covered.

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Professional, experienced, and trusted.

Marshall & Sterling Insurance, founded in 1864 is among the largest privately-owned insurance agencies in the United States, and has been recognized nationally for outstanding services, support, and best practices.

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Tips from Experts
Tips from our experts
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7 Tips to Keep Children Safe Around Windows

The first week in April is Window Safety Week - begging us to think about more than just how dirty our windows got over the winter. While a window can make an excellent life-saving exit strategy during an emergency, we wanted to take this time to remind you of the two main risks associated with your home's windows.

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Enhancing School Safety - A Guide to Prevent Targeted School Violence

When incidents of school violence occur, they leave a profound and lasting impact on the school, the community, and our nation as a whole. Ensuring safe environments for elementary and secondary school students, educators, administrators, and others is essential.

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What to Do in the Event of an Active Shooter

Workplace violence may be a rare occurrence, but you should never underestimate the importance of being prepared in the event that your workplace is targeted by an active shooter. An active shooter is an individual who is engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area.