Founded in 1864. An employee-owned company.
  • Claims & Contact Information

    The Marshall & Sterling team is here to serve you, which includes assisting you in the event of an unfortunate incident. If a loss occurs, please follow the steps highlighted in this guide.

    Your insurance contract requires...

  • Personal Insurance

    Protecting your home, auto, and other valuable possessions and personal belongings is always important. Marshall & Sterling Insurance offers a wide array of personal insurance coverages to help protect your most valued assets. Our...

  • Online Defensive Driving

    Finally... a way to save up to 10% on your auto insurance and reduce points on your drivers license through a new online defensive driving course. Click here!

  • Insurance & Risk Management Programs

    Marshall & Sterling offers a complete, fully transparent approach to determine the Total Cost of Risk (TCR) for our clients.

    We assemble a complete support team for each account, which may include Certified Risk Managers,...