Photo of two women outdoors using laptop by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

It is CRUCIAL to have a Separate Admin Wi-fi Network from your Guests Wi-fi Network

When setting up Wi-fi for your Park or Marina, you'll want to make sure you have both an Admin network and a separate guest network. Why is this important? There are many reasons, but that #1 reason lies with security!

If you offer a guest network, you must keep it separate from your Admin network. On top of regulatory compliance (PCI, etc.) you want to keep all of your business's information secure. This could include things like:

  • proprietary business plans
  • financial data
  • personal customer information

If you do not have a separate Admin network, there is a risk that every time you let a guest/visitor use the same Wi-fi that your admin Network is on, they could potentially breach your property’s private information, and leave you with a tarnished reputation if the breach is made public.

The simple step of having an admin network and separate guest network is the easy solution to protect your Park/Marina’s online privacy and your brand reputation.

If you have any questions or need any help with setting up a separate guest network or to check to how secure your current network is or, of even if you have not offered Wi-fi in the past and we would like to start now, please contact to learn more.We specialize in indoor and outdoor hospitality, high speed wireless internet, focused technology for high density, high bandwidth wireless connectivity for an unmatched guest connection experience. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service to both you and your guests!


Crystal Borelli Guest Writer from SigmaWifi