New, No-Cost option for MVP and CDPHP Members to get COVID-19 Care Now!

In a first of its kind partnership, CDPHP and MVP Health Care® (MVP) have come together to offer their membership free/no-cost access to virtual emergency room telemedicine services. 

Powered by United Concierge Medicine (UCM), CDPHP’s ER Anywhere and MVP Health Care’s myERnow are virtual emergency room telemedicine services that allow MVP and CDPHP members in New York and Vermont to connect with trained emergency providers, 24/7, from the comfort of their home to assess the need for COVID-19 testing. If testing is determined to be appropriate and available, UCM will coordinate with local health departments and health care providers and prescribe testing at an appropriate facility. If the member does not need to be tested for COVID-19, he or she will be prescribed treatment that adheres to current guidelines.

Encouraging members to use virtual emergency room services, instead of visiting an actual emergency room, is a first line of defense to prevent the spread of illness and a faster way for members to receive the health care services they may need.

Most patients need evaluation and reassurance only. For patients — especially those at high risk — for whom testing is determined to be a reasonable next step, United Concierge Medicine will work with local health departments and providers to determine appropriateness and availability of testing. If testing is determined to be appropriate and available, UCM will coordinate and prescribe testing.

As a reminder, MVP is covering diagnostic COVID-19 testing in full on all plans, except for self-funded plans where no-cost testing is at the employer’s discretion. COVID-19 testing is not subject to prior authorization.

For additional information, MVP members should call 1-833-myERnow (1-833-693-7669) or visit mvphealthcare.com/myERnow. CDPHP members can download the app on their smartphone, or simply call 1-800-ER-ANYWHERE to be connected to a live, emergency medicine provider, or visit cdphp.com/ERAnywhere

If you have questions related to either of these telemedicine services, contact your Account Manager or your Marshall & Sterling Sales Representative. Thank you for your continued business, and stay safe.