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Your Personal Insurance Solutions

Our clients rely on us to creatively assist them with their insurance and financial needs to protect what matters most.

We offer a full range of automobile, home and life insurance solutions, along with loss prevention, health and safety tips to help minimize claims, reduce your personal risks and promote your well-being.

Whether you’re insuring your car, home, recreational vehicle or life, we know that you need coverage for both protection and peace of mind.

The insurance professionals at Marshall & Sterling can assist you in selecting the most comprehensive coverage, provided by highly-rated insurance companies.

Automobile insurance
To properly protect yourself from the always present danger of huge awards for automobile liability, it is imperative that you maintain the proper level of coverage for your particular situation. We can help pinpoint car insurance best suited to your needs. From vehicles to motor homes to motorcycles, our comprehensive auto insurance solutions will provide you with financial protection against property, liability and medical costs if you are involved in an accident. Here are some additional resources and common questions we receive about auto insurance:

Homeowners insurance
The biggest investment most people will ever make is their home. That’s why it makes sense to protect your investment, and your future, with a comprehensive homeowners plan. Each home and property are unique, and Marshall & Sterling can customize a homeowner’s policy to meet your specific needs. Whether you own or rent your home, condo or apartment, our homeowners insurance solutions offer you comprehensive protection for your property and personal liability. For added protection, we offer policies for insuring valuables, increasing personal liability limits, and flood coverage—to name a few.

You may also want to consider Scheduled Personal Property (SPP), a convenient way to help protect your valuable personal property. A certain amount of personal property protection is available under your homeowners, condominium, mobile home or renters insurance Policy, but did you know your personal property protection has limits under these policies? Scheduled Personal Property is an endorsement to your homeowners, condominium, mobile home or renters insurance policy. For an additional premium, SPP provides coverage for loss or damage to certain categories of personal and business personal property items whose value or risk potential exceeds the personal property coverage available under homeowners, condominium, mobile home or renters insurance, or under other Optional Coverage Endorsements.

Life insurance
Life insurance plays an important role in your financial planning. If others depend on you for financial support, part of your financial plan should include how you will provide for them in the event of your death. Purchasing a life insurance policy ensures your loved ones’ future financial obligations are met, covering items such as funeral costs, outstanding debt, estate taxes and everyday living expenses. 

Regardless of whether you choose a term or permanent life insurance policy, both afford protection and peace of mind. 


Claims Team
When the unexpected happens, we’re here to help! We make it our business to get you back to the business of living as soon as possible.

Our claims team will work with you throughout the claims process. We take exceptional pride in our ability to deliver a high level of personal service and conduct business in a manner that gives full attention to each of our customers. We hope you don’t have a claim but if you do, you can count on our claims team to help you through.


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