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Dorm Do's & Don'ts

By John Tessier - Central Insurance Companies


Within the next few weeks, college campuses across the country will be jammed full of excited kids and weeping parents as these students move into their new quarters for the school year. Many students are getting their first taste of living on their own. Below are some safety tips to share with college students to help keep them and their belongings safe during the school year.

  • DO keep your dorm room door locked at all times.  Many kids will keep their doors unlocked when visiting a friend a few rooms away, thinking that no one will enter their room if they are only gone for a few minutes or are so close to their room. This cannot be further from the truth. Many electronics are small and portable and can be stolen in 30 seconds if left unattended. Whether you are making a quick trip to the restroom or hanging out in the room next door, keep your door locked.
  • DON’T leave candles/incense unattended. Candles and incense are big on college campuses. Small rooms crammed with at least two people can smell a little funky, so many students use these items to help freshen up the air. Leaving these unattended while lit can be a huge fire hazard. The flame is not the only issue with candles and incense. The heat from the candle and the ash from the incense are enough to start a fire.