Loss Control

Effectively managing your risk, and addressing loss control issues are critical for most any business. Ensuring your company meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements is essential to your success and profitability.

We have developed effective Loss Control and Risk Management solutions to assist our business customers. Our Loss Control team can help set up safety assessments and training programs for businesses in a wide array of industries, and can include fleet and equipment safety programs, as well as many other services.

  • OSHA Assessments/Training:
    Our team can inspect a company's business to assist with OSHA reviews. This includes material safety data sheets (MSDS), right to know / hazardous communication training, use of OSHA 300 log and air and noise monitoring and OSHA 10 Construction Course.
  • Answer OSHA Questions:
    We can answer any general OSHA questions posed by our clients.
  • OSHA Programs - Online Toolkit:
    We can assist a customer with OSHA regulations, setting up programs such as HAZCOM, PPE, Lockout / Tagout, etc. Our Online Toolkit provides clients with real-time, online safety information which can be customized for your industry, a particular need or safety issue.
  • General Liability Assessments:
    Our Loss Control specialists can provide on-site inspections and develop detailed reports on a customer's business and property, highlighting any specific areas of potential risk.
  • Fire Protection / Sprinkler System Evaluations:
    Our team can evaluate a client's fire protection, fire suppression and sprinkler system to assist with the regulations regarding sprinkler system credits, and includes sprinkler testing and analysis based upon NFPA-13 standards.

  • Building Information:
    Loss Control analysis reports can also be developed which include detailed building information, building size, square footage, construction type and cost replacement.

  • Job Hazard Analysis:
    Job hazard analysis utilizes a technique that focuses on job tasks as a way to identify hazards and determine necessary action to reduce or eliminate exposures.

  • Workers' Compensation - Experience Modification:
    Employee accident analysis can be provided to identify the type of accidents a customer's employees are experiencing and how these losses affect your premium cost.

  • Safety Training:
    We can assist you in establishing a variety of safety training programs, and can provide training films and literature, and other valuable training information.

  • TIPS Training:
    Our team can provide TIPS training so that alcohol servers can become TIPS certified.


For more information please contact David Holzman, Loss Control Specialist at 340-776-7000, x235.