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Service Station Dealers & Automotive Service

SSDGNY Members

Marshall & Sterling Insurance is proud to provide an exceptional portfolio of insurance and risk management services to members of SSDGNY - Service Station Dealers & Automotive Service of Greater New York. Both Marshall & Sterling and SSDGNY are committed to helping service station and garage owners manage the risk to their business.

Service Station Dealers & Automotive Service of Greater New York provides members with a variety of services as well as local, state, and national representation. The benefits of membership include:

  • Insurance Programs
  • Workers Compensation Program
  • Legal Program
  • Medical Insurance
  • Special Exclusive Member Programs
  • Legislative Representation & Lobbying
  • Special Training Programs

Become a SSDGNY Member Today

Our experienced and dedicated service team can work with SSDGNY members to provide exceptional insurance coverage with unparalleled cost efficiency. Marshall & Sterling's Workers' Compensation Program provides valuable benefits to SSDGNY members, including:

  • Large Year End Dividends Seven year average - 30.0%
    • Dividend History...
      2015-16... 35%
      2014-15... 35%
      2013-14... 25%
      2012-13... 25%

      2011-12... 30%
      2010-11... 30%
      2009-10... 35%
  • Substantial Upfront Discounts - Up to 25%
  • Strong Contingent Balance
  • Premier Claims Administration & Loss Control Services
  • Professional Underwriting & Audit Review Services
  • Experience Rating Modification Analysis & Review
  • Prompt issuance of Insurance Certificates
  • Established, Solid Safety Group – Founded in 1967
  • Historical Security of State Insurance Fund Safety Groups

In addition, our Garage Insurance Program provides industry-leading protection against property and liability threats to your business.

  • Garage Liability
  • Garage Keepers Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Contents Insurance
  • Building / Property Coverage
  • Business Interruption Protection
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Underground Storage
  • Pollution Insurance

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Workers' Compensation 


Our SSDGNY Service Team:

For billing or service questions for your existing SSDGNY account, please contact:

Laura Gonzalez, CSR
845-454-0800, x2227

For claims processing please contact:

Martin Saintomas, Claims CSR
845-454-0800, x22313

Mary Reddy, Claims CSR
845-454-0800, x-2324


For all other inquiries please contact:

David S. Horton, CIC, VP, Sr. Sales Executive
845-454-0800, x2257