Founded in 1864. An employee-owned company.

Our Professionals

Our teams in Poughkeepsie are ready to help! Please reach out to us with questions about your account, or to learn more about our insurance programs.

    Tim Tarpey, CIC, CLCS

    Vice President & Branch Manager
    845-454-0800, ext. 2238








Karen Jordan Office Manager - Personal Lines 845-454-2493 x2323
Sales Staff      
Paul Kesick    [Bio Page] Sales Executive  845-454-0800 x2296
Elizabeth Sutcliffe    [Bio Page] Sales Executive (Personal Lines) 845-454-2493 x2322
Brad Weaver    [Bio Page] Sales Executive 845-454-0800 x2310
Joe Scandariato Senior Claims CSR 845-454-0800 x2314
Beth Lasko Senior CSR/Personal Lines Claims 845-454-2493 x2295
Commercial Lines      
Jordan Belmonte CSR 845-454-0800 x2315
Margaret Cannelli Commercial Lines Supervisor 845-454-0800 x2282
Theresa DeBara CSR 845-454-0800 x2319
Camille Donato CSR 845-454-0800 x2113
Renee Duncan CSR 845-454-0800 x2276
Robert Giammatteo Account Manager 45-454-0800 x2326
Megan Hudson CSR 845-454-0800 x2297
Samantha Kugler Assistant CSR 845-454-0800 x2265
Nancy Paino Senior CSR 845-454-0800 x2268
Marybeth Ross CSR 845-454-0800 x2221
Pamela White CSR 845-454-0800 x2327
Wendy Wood CSR 845-454-0800 x2326
Personal Lines      
Dina Baratta CSR 845-454-2493 x2334
Lisa Bisesto CSR 845-454-2493 x2336
Lyndsey Hill Account Manager, Sterling Client Services 845-454-2493 x2225
Chris Lehan Senior CSR  845-454-2493 x2241
Angie Noto Senior CSR 845-454-2493 x2206
Terri Rothkranz Assistant CSR 845-454-2493 x2303
Ashleigh Sparacino Assistant CSR 845-454-2493 x2321
Brandon Sutcliffe Assistant CSR 845-454-2493 x2325
Sara Walton CSR 845-454-2493 x2328
Carrie Key Boshart Marketing Manager 845-454-0800 x2275
Ariel Kirschner Small Business Marketing Coordinator  845-454-0800 x2318
Julia Henriques Receptionist (232 Hooker Avenue) 845-454-2493 x2320
Katie Nicholson Receptionist (110 Main Street, 1st Floor) 845-454-0800 x2300