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See what some of our clients have shared about their experiences with our employees...

Wow!! Thank you so much [Kelly McSpedon]. This process was way more painless than I expected... actually it was really enjoyable considering the great deal you got me!  I have been singing your praises to everyone here and I will continue to do so. Excellent customer service is so rare these days, and when I find it - I let everyone know!

“Just wanted to send you a quick note about our CSR, Renee Duncan.  She always provides outstanding service when I need anything and she is always extremely pleasant on the phone. Today, she went over and above and I thought I should let you know.  My guys were doing an install in White Plains at a building we have been to 5 times in the past few months.  We never experienced any trouble in the past but today we were stopped due to not having a current COI on file.  I made an urgent call to Renee and asked her to drop everything and please get a new COI out as soon as possible. Well, we experienced some difficulty trying to get the building owner to send us a sample, so Renee and I found an old certificate for the company and she zipped one right out.  Minutes later, the building sent me the sample cert with a list of special requirements.  Of course, I sent it to Renee and she sent it right out and I passed it along. Renee then thoughtfully sent me an email saying she was going to lunch but if I needed her, she would be in the 3rd floor conference room. Naturally, something went wrong and I had to pull Renee out of her lunch and she very quickly made some adjustments and sent ANOTHER  certificate over. We were finally able to get in and do our work.

I love to complain when people who are in customer service forget who the customer is and have no idea what service is, so I thought I should also be quick to give praise when it is due.  I was very impressed and truly appreciated the extra effort. Renee deserves a pat on the back and I wanted you to know that.  You should be proud of your team, I certainly am happy to have them on my side."

“I cannot thank [Nancy Paino] enough for all the work that you have done to facilitate this closing. On behalf of our company, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to you and your team for your contributions in getting this over the finish line. Even though we still have our post-closing work cut out for us, getting this far took remarkable effort. It was a true Herculean effort on everyone’s part but more so from the beatings you endured and overcame from the attorneys and their never ending requests, it was nothing short of stellar.”

"Lyndsey [Hill] was helpful, very quick to follow-up and wonderfully courteous.  Best of all, she got us exactly what we needed by doing some extra digging around for us.  It was an absolute pleasure working with Lyndsey."

"I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had with Elizabeth [Sutcliffe]. I called her for an auto insurance quote that I didn't think I would need until next week. One thing led to another and I needed the binder and ID cards yesterday. She got a good quote, and then called me the next day with an even better quote! She explained everything to me, and got the binder to the dealership in time for me to pick up my new car. I know she is very busy, but she took the time out to provide me with personal service. She made sure everything was done correctly, and on time. Great customer service!"

"I have been a Marshall & Sterling client for 47 years.  The people in your Wappingers Falls office have been gracious, efficient and FAST... for ALL 47 YEARS!"

"Thank you as always!  I can't tell you how nice it is to work with your team.  Our other insurance agency would have taken a week or more to get us a certificate of insurance, and then half the time I would have to send multiple follow-up emails. Thanks again [to Stacey Donohue and Sue Pace]!"

“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication of not only Tim Tarpey and Reneé Duncan, who take care of our Business insurance, but also Brad and Minnie who handle our Health Benefits. Tim and Reneé, and the other members of their team, work very hard to service our account and to make sure that we are getting the best rates possible from our carriers.  We had a customer ask to quote on our policy this year and I allowed them to do that.  Tim and Reneé went to bat for us and were able to keep our total premiums at or below the 2015-16 levels.  That was instrumental in us maintaining our business with Marshall & Sterling.  Of course, the fantastic service we receive on an almost daily basis is an invaluable asset to us and YOU.  I feel we are business partners, not just a vendor and customer and I think Tim and Reneé share that feeling. 

I wanted to let you know how happy I am that all our Insurance needs are under one very sturdy roof at Marshall and Sterling. Most times we find it very easy to complain about poor or inadequate service and performance and neglect to take the time to compliment work that is above and beyond what is expected.  I thought I would take a few minutes out of my busy day to tell you something I have been thinking for a while.”

"Please forgive my lateness in writing. I can't thank [Elizabeth Sutcliffe] enough for help regarding my auto policy. I called with quotes from other insurance companies and your response was immediate - and in my favor! You were able to offer me a quote that was, to say the least, fabulous. Family and friends have been made aware of the wonderful service I received. I wanted to stay with Marshall & Sterling, and with employees like you I most certainly will. Thank you again for everything."

"I am writing this letter to tell you how much I appreciate what Nancy Paino does for me in regards to my insurance needs. Even though Nancy is not technically a producer, she has been my agent/producer for many years (over 25 years). Over those years she has done a fantastic job finding me my company's various insurance policies. She makes sure I have adequate coverage and at the best price available. Nancy always steers me to the right policy in respect to level of service and quality of insurance company. I have had many opportunities to look elsewhere, but at the end of the day, I trust her implicitly and consider her a valuable part of my business."