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NYMIR Claims Management

NYMIR has distinguished itself by providing the very best in claims service and when defending claims that are brought against its membership. What can this mean for your municipality? It's simple.

When a legitimate claim is received for a covered loss, as thousands are every year, it is processed and paid promptly. Our service professionals are trained to understand that public sector clients require that extra measure of courtesy and responsiveness, and they strive to deliver on that commitment each and every day.

It also means where a Subscriber suffers a first party loss or is sued, NYMIR goes above and beyond to find coverage. Try and find a similar approach in the for-profit sector. Testimonials abound from Mayors and Supervisors, thankful that “NYMIR delivered”. On the other hand, when a claim or lawsuit brought against a member Subscriber is not legitimate, NYMIR distinguishes itself in two critically important ways:

  1.  We have a proactive stance against any and all frivolous claims and lawsuits. We value our member's good name and reputation and will defend it whatever the cost. Again, try to replicate that same commitment from any of the for-profit, commercial carriers that solicit your business.
  2. We defend all claims with a dedicated cadre of defense attorneys who are selected for their expertise and their commitment to the public sector – not with some politically-connected or high-priced “Philadelphia lawyer” who may not be familiar with New York law or know their way around your County Courthouse.

We understand the complexities associated with claims presented against municipal officials alleging employment-based harassment or improper acts committed by police officers. To manage these claims, NYMIR has created a specialty unit of experienced attorneys who oversee a panel of law firms with expertise representing municipal defendants in federal and state courts.

The NYMIR claims department consists of in-house claims examiners and managers, independent adjusting firms; along with managing house counsel located at our home office and outside counsel firms throughout New York State. Subscribers are assigned one adjusting and law firm for continuity and familiarity. All are specialists and thoroughly familiar with New York Municipal Law and New York Municipal claims practice. 

In short, our claims management philosophy helps our members obtain their primary goal: insuring our own future.

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