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Help the Hudson Valley - Going Paperless Will Plant Trees
As we all know, trees are an important part of what keeps the Hudson Valley a beautiful place to live.
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Gain freedom on the road with the right motorcycle coverage
There’s nothing like the freedom you feel when riding, but if you’re on the road, you’re at risk. To ensure you’ve got the coverage and financial protection you need, consider the following motorcycle insurance coverage options.
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What You Should Know About Flood Insurance
Flooding is a risk to any business, whether you are inland or near the coastline. In fact, in the past five years all 50 states have experienced floods, and at least one in four businesses that shuts down from a natural disaster never reopens.
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4 Reasons to Purchase Product Liability Insurance
Your customers expect you to have safe and reliable products, and failing to meet these expectations can lead to huge financial losses. If one of your products harms a customer in any way, they can sue your business, leading to costly legal fees and settlements. These costs can easily reach six figures.
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Your Personal Insurance Solutions
Our clients rely on us to creatively assist them with their insurance and financial needs to protect what matters most.

We offer a full range of automobile, home and life insurance solutions, along with loss prevention, health and safety tips to help minimize claims, reduce your personal risks and promote your well-being.
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Canine Campers: Avoiding the “Ruff” Issues
We have created a suite of insurance options and risk management services to help address the unique risks your campground or RV park operations face.
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Focus on Safety in 2019
We all know that safety is important, but do you realize just how costly a workplace injury can be? When all is said and done, injuries can cost business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. The extra expense to pay for injuries has a powerfully negative effect to a company’s bottom line.
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Market Value vs. Reconstruction Value
Ensure that your homeowners policy limits correspond to the cost to rebuild in case of a natural disaster, whether it is a wildfire, hurricane or flood.
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Marshall & Sterling Recognized with Two National Awards
Marshall & Sterling has been recognized with two prestigious national awards in recent weeks.
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A New Law Could Change How We Prepare for Disasters
Congress and President Donald Trump recently approved the Disaster Recovery Reform Act (DRRA), an overhaul of the federal government’s approach to disaster preparation and risk reduction.
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