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Each month, our team puts together risk management articles, tools and tips for our clients to be better prepared in case of an emergency or accident. These tips cover the full spectrum of risks they may face - from fitness and nutrition tips to home or auto weatherization and maintenance, injury prevention, and more.

February Insurance News


View this Month's news:

  • Resolution that overturned OSHA's ongoing recordkeeping rule, how autonomous vehicles
    could eliminate up to 4 million jobs and the reasons for rising auto insurance prices.

  • Cyber Risks & Liabilities newsletter discusses how other states may adopt New York's
    cyber rules, how to protect browsing data, the number of employees who breach network
    security and the possibility of the FBI easing its employment standards for cyber agents -
    This month's Safety Focused discusses how to prevent text neck and the importance
    of protecting your eyes from the summer sun.

  • Mental health tips, the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to remove distractions
    before you drive.

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Previous Newsletters:

April 2017

The top highlights for businesses this month include: Trump administration's budget blueprint, the costs of employee substance abuse, Recent legislative changes and communications from OSHA, and the delay to OSHA's new beryllium exposure rule.

As we watch the weather warm up this month, we also included safety tips for bike commuters, the do's and don'ts for first-time homebuyers and some life-saving first-aid tips. 

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February 2017

This month, we're focusing on the new recommended practices for anti-retaliation programs, the most common cyber attacks in 2016 and how major climate disasters caused $46 billion in damage last year. We also have some Winter worker safety tips and the benefits of a smoke-free workplace.Bringing it closer to home, there are tips for hiring the right babysitter, the importance of fire escape plans and fuel pump safety.

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January 2017

It's a new year! Make it a good one with our tips to keep your resolutions throughout the year. Also, stay up to date on OSHA's new rules for 2017, and predictions for cyber attacks in the coming year. We even included a great article on a new malware campaign that affects over 1 million Google accounts and the recent shutdown of a cyber crime ring.

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September 2016

This month's risk management tips and news are prepared to help everyone from the small business, to new car buyers and homeowners. Learn how to protect your home from floods, and how people are mimicking the key fobs of millions of vehicles. Learn healthy aging tips, and hot to better protect your mobile devices from hacking. In the workplace, we have tips for electrical safety and studies linking heavy lifting in a worker's youth to back pain later in life. 

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June 2016

This month's newsletter is full of risk management and safety tips, including: OSHA's final ruling on electronic reporting and anti-retaliation, the DOL's final rule increasing the salary threshold for employees who qualify for the white collar exemptions under the FSLA, FTC’s Tool for Mobile Health Apps, and the dangers of detergent packet poisoning. 

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February 2016

It's American Heart Month! Keep your blood pressure in control with these tips! This issue is also packed full of useful stories to help you stay protected online, in your home, and at work. With sections for personal insurance, commercial insurance, and even Human Resources information, there's something useful for everyone this month - check it out.

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January 2016

In January, many people are starting their resolutions for the New Year - making plans to be healthier, safer, more responsible. Read this month's tips to help you start the year off right with nutrition tips and safety information for your home and vehicle.

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December 2015

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is one of the deadliest and most dangerous times to be on roadways, due to an increase in drunk driving. That’s why we're sharing some statistics as a reminder to drive safe this month! You'll also find home ventilation maintenance tips and a healthy reminder of all the times you need to be washing your hands. 

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November 2015

The clocks fell back an hour at the start of this month, bringing darker evenings and cooler weather. Since many people tend to stay indoors for the fall and winter seasons, we have compiled some cold weather myths and tips to help you make it through. Whatever you do, bundle up in the cold and make sure your home and property are insured properly in case of a home fire this winter.

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October 2015

Fall is here, and that means it's time to start preparing your home for the harsh weather to come. It's time to clean your gutters, and we've put together ladder usage tips to keep you safe. To keep your family safe, we've also included articles to help you choose the correct car seat, and learn the risks associated with modern car "conveniences."  

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September 2015

September is a time of transition - children are going back to school and summer is on the way out. Now is a good time to think about measures to keep your energy costs down, and better protect your assets. This month's newsletter will give you tips on energy efficiency, preventing auto theft, and aiding healthy living with fitness trackers.

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August 2015

August is a great time to think about safety - school will be starting soon, summer weather is raging and travel puts some of us on the road with more distractions This month's issue will discuss the importance of Immunizations, home safety during a tornado, and ways to prevent distracted driving.

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July 2015

Summer sun can be harsh on your skin and eyes - take a moment to read these tips for keeping safe in the sun. Sun isn't the only worry during the summer months - many summer storms are capable of producing hail, which can damage your home. This month's newsletter will show you where to look for hail damage.

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May 2015

It's time to shake off winter's sludge and early seasonal rain, and get out of the house with picnics, BBQ's, and fresh local produce at the farm market. This month's issue shares the importance of grilling safely, and how you can save money by shopping for in-season produce. We also have some tips for avoiding animal/vehicle collisions, and why adult vaccinations are so important.

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March 2015

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly, odorless, colorless, poisonous gas. Because it is impossible to see, taste or smell its toxic fumes, it is commonly considered the “silent killer.” Read this month's news for tips to protect yourself, and learn more about carbon monoxide detectors. We've also provided you with some pointers for starting your spring garden, and an important reminder about car seat safety.

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February 2015

As winter drags on, it's good to remember that while exercising daily may seem inconvenient, inconsequential or even impossible, as little as 20 minutes of easy exercise every day can increase your chances of living a longer life. Read this month's wellness tips on how to get more exercise throughout your day. Also, learn how to protect your home while on vacation, the importance of using your seat belt, and see our list of the safest cars for 2015!

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January 2015

Losing control of a car is undoubtedly one of the most frightening experiences behind the wheel. Unfortunately, it is a potential side effect when the temperatures drop and the roads get slick. Before you get on the road home tonight, check out our tips for navigating slippery winter roads.  Also, read our new year's tips for setting savings goals for the new year, protecting your home's values, and maximizing your productivity.

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