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Cyber Liability and NetProtect Essential

Cyber Liability - Are Your Assets Protected?

Visit our Cyber Center to learn how law and insurance are intersecting cyber exposures (i.e. videogames, virtual worlds, programming...) including intellectual property, interactive media, contract law, intangible property, communications, technology, licensing, obscenity, employment, defamation, piracy, constitutional rights, tort liability, and more. 

Coverages arising from the following cyber exposures:

  • Web sites, emails, virtual worlds, gaming, and other electronic communications
  • Employee Exposures:
    • Privacy violations
    • Discrimination and harassment
  • Economic Exposures
    • Trademarks
    • Copyright Implications
    • Intellectual Property Rights
    • Security
    • Systems Failure
    • Defamation
  • Claim Scenarios
  • Solutions

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CNA NetProtect Essential

CNA NetProtect Essential provides critical cyber liability coverage for any business that uses computers to manage information. It provides third-party claims related to privacy injury, identity theft or network damage.  
Think about this...
Do you store data? Use email? Generate revenue online? Use a network to control production, manufacturing, inventory or a supply chain?  

If so, you may be at risk!
Targeted to small-mid sized companies, NetProtect Essential covers all network resident information enterprise-wide, not just Web sites. It responds if there is a security breach resulting in identity theft or disclosure of private information; damage resulting from viruses, inability to access a network or rely on information. It also covers unauthorized acquisition of trade secrets and proprietary or confidential information from the insured’s network.
NetProtect Essential is admitted coverage that applies worldwide and is currently approved in 40 states with the remainder soon to follow. Available with limits up to $2 million, it is designed for U.S.-domiciled businesses that typically generate gross revenues of less than $100 million in various industries, including financial services, healthcare and life sciences, retail, manufacturing, construction, hospitality, telecommunication and technology. Minimum premium for the NetProtect Essential coverage is $500. It features a simple application, fast response and affordable pricing that makes the coverage accessible to those who need it most. In comparison, the flagship NetProtectSM product is suitable for larger companies in that it provides very sophisticated and flexible coverage for a broad range of first-party and liability exposures.

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