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Micro Tek and Super Tek

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MICRO TEK is aimed at smaller firms and extends coverages they need at a price they can afford!
SUPER TEK product will consider accounts up to $15,000,000 in revenue!

  • New Ventures Are Eligible!
  • Application Services
  • Web Development Services
  • Networking Services 
  • Support Services
  • Hardware & Software Services

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Why Do You Need Business Owners Coverage?

  • General Liability coverage to handle bodily injury and property damage to others that arise out of your business operations.
  • Property coverage for your Business Personal Property.
  • Property of others in your care, custody or control, tenant's improvements and betterments and leased personal property are all covered within the Business Personal Property limit.
  • Many additional property coverages provided at no additional charge, including Business Personal Property not at premises, signs attached to the building, Accounts Receivable and Valuable Papers.
  • Business Income coverage in the event of an interruption of your ability to conduct operations.

Why Do You Need Errors & Omissions Coverage?

  • The services you provide your clients are because they rely on your expertise as a professional in that field.
  • Preferred Package and General Liability policies will exclude professional services.
  • Your clients can sue you for a wrongful act in providing professional services, which can be the result of an act, error or omission.  Very often, it is not the result of a mistake, but rather displeasure with the outcome.  Even frivolous lawsuits will incur defense costs.
  • Programming errors, improper selection, installation, or configuration of networks/systems, failure to maintain, and failure to meet the requirements of a contract (i.e. timelines and/or content) are common scenarios that lead to lawsuits for technology professionals.
  • Failure to prevent unauthorized access ("hacking") and unintentional introduction of malicious code ("virus") are important exposures of the technology industry to address with insurance coverage.
  • Data Breaches are happening more and more every day. Protect yourself if your system is hacked or your customer's personal information is stolen with our Data Breach Expense and Regulatory Defense coverage.
  • Libel, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy can be addressed with Personal Injury coverage.
  • Copyright and trademark infringement can be addressed with Intellectual Property coverage.



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