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Annual Pet Photo Contest

Our Annual Pet Photo Contest was started by Lorraine Emerick, VP at the Marshall & Sterling Leeds ~ Saratoga Springs branch, in 2014. Lorraine volunteers for several animal organizations and handles all aspects of the annual Pet Photo contest as well as maintains our Facebook page. The Leeds & Saratoga Springs branches of Marshall & Sterling Insurance truly love our pets! Our office lobby is adorned with photos of our employees’ pets as well as customers and friends.  Every year Lorraine compiles a photo album of contest entries and visitors can always be seen “ooohing” and “ahhhhing” over the beautiful photos. 

Meet Loraine’s dog Wally - a cattle dog mix that was adopted from Columbia Greene Humane Society.  Unfortunately, Wally did not have a good beginning in life as he was in an abusive situation – BUT local police stepped in and Wally was saved and adopted. Wally has been carefree and much loved ever since. He has also earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate – a testament that training can help overcome fear and build trust and confidence.  

2017 Pet Photo Contest Winners

Richard Nash
Read more about Hudson the Railroad Puppy!


Kevin Meltzer
Tina DeMarco Flint Kelley


New Prize for 2017! Winners of our Weekly drawing for TrakR GPS:

Kenneth Lezotte

John & Courtney Gray
Read Keller's Story

Rebeka Anne Dana Statham Baker


2016 Pet Photo Contest Winners

The First Aid Kit Award is now in memory of Dizzy ~  a 2015 winner. Dizzy was a blood donor dog who spent his first 5 years of his life in a cage, helping other animals in need. Dizzy passed away in 2016 but will always be remembered...  

Aaron Clause Amelia Osborn
Shelby Kullman Sandra Leigh

2015 Pet Photo Contest Winners

Rottie Empire Rescue Heather Durfee
Nancy McDowell Jennifer Fountain

2014 Pet Photo Contest Winners

Jenn Bier Debbie Gremlin