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Our team in Kingston, NY would like to assist you in structuring a sound, competitively priced insurance program for your needs. Whether you have one automobile or a fleet of trucks, one home or a business complex, we have the markets that are ready to provide a quote. As independent insurance brokers, we have access to more than twenty insurance companies to offer you the best possible options. Give us a call to learn more!

Christopher Harris
​Branch Manager
845-331-2255, x-2765

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Christopher Harris  [See Bio] Branch Manager 845-331-2255 x2765
Sales Staff      
Kristin Bradley [See Bio] Sales Executive 845-331-2255 x2762
William Gerlach Sales Executive 845-331-2255 x2772
Brian MacGregor  [See Bio] Sales Executive 845-331-2255 x2764
Krissy Goetz-Raffo  [See Bio] Receptionist 845-331-2255 x2750
Liz Sopata  [See Bio] Assistant CSR 845-331-2255 x2757
Commercial Lines      
Judy Larson  [See Bio] CSR 845-331-2255 x2760
Allison Williams  [See Bio] Commercial Lines Supervisor 845-331-2255 x2761
Donna Winnie  [See Bio] CSR 845-331-2255 x2771
Personal Lines      
Karen Beilman  [See Bio] Personal Lines Supervisor 845-331-2255 x2755
Dawn Hamilton  [See Bio] CSR 845-331-2255 x2758
Tammy Holt  [See Bio] CSR 845-331-2255 x2767
Vicky Saccoccie  [See Bio] CSR 845-331-2255 x2766
Group Benefits      
Gerry Brown  [See Bio] Sales Executive 845-331-2255 x2754