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Comprehensive Financial Strategies

Ever feel like you're not on the right financial track? Let us help you develop a retirement game plan. We can prepare a financial strategy that considers various financial objectives while helping you prioritize your most important goals.

Life Insurance:
We offer various forms of life insurance including term, universal, variable, and whole life. Whether your goal is to protect your family, insure a business agreement, or provide liquidity to an estate, we can help with an affordable life insurance solution.

Disability Insurance:
It's been said that all that we have is dependent upon our ability to earn an income. If you're sick or hurt, and unable to work, what would happen to your home and your family? A quality disability income policy protects your lifestyle in the event you become ill or injured.

Long Term Care Insurance:
More and more, mature Americans are considering the purchase of long term care insurance to protect their independence and life savings. In the absence of this important coverage, people are at risk of losing their life's work to the high cost of long term care. Let us help you understand your options.

IRA's, Mutual Funds, Pension Rollovers, 529 College Savings Plans, 401(k)'s:
Our professionals are available to assist you with various investment products. Whether it's college tuition you're saving for, or a carefree retirement, we can help you reach your investment goals.

Employee Benefit Plans:
Our employee benefit specialists can help put together a comprehensive, affordable benefit package for your employees. Our programs include group medical, dental, life, disability, and long term care. In addition, we offer comprehensive retirement plans including 401K's, profit sharing plans, and pensions.

Financial Services:
We offer comprehensive financial services that integrate your insurance, investment, retirement and estate planning needs.  Our staff includes seasoned professionals who bring added expertise to help you reach your financial goals.

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