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Webinar: The ACA - A Year in Review & Looking Ahead

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It has been six years since the Affordable Care Act ("ACA") was signed into law. Each year, cases, regulations, and IRS rulings contribute to a new and evolving ACA landscape. After all of the developments this year, 2016 is shaping up to be another huge year for health care reform.

With many changes and additional provisions in effect for 2016, including the termination of transitional rules enacted last year to ease implementation, the ACA's impact on both individuals and businesses continues to expand this year.

Compliance with the ACA poses an intimidating challenge for organizations and requires a solid understanding of the law's many multi-part provisions. Are you prepared?

Marshall & Sterling recently hosted a webinar - "The ACA - A Year in Review & Looking Ahead." Please watch as Dannielle O'Toole, Esq., Marshall & Sterling's in-house Health Care Reform counsel, shares a complimentary webinar, and reviews changes and updates to the ACA over the past year to help you better understand the legislation and the needed steps to compliance for 2016.

Some topics the webinar covers:

  • Review of new thresholds, limits, penalties and other figures for 2016
  • Summary of recent IRS Notice 2015-87 which provides guidance on various ACA provisions
  • Outline of key requirements that could impact employers this year
  • Explanation on how the "small" large employer mandate takes effect in 2016
  • Recap of legal challenges to the ACA and sustainability predictions

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