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Health Care News: Important News for Members Utilizing Crystal Run Healthcare Providers

July 24, 2015

We are excited to announce that Marshall & Sterling has been approved to offer our clients the new Crystal Run Health plans! Crystal Run Healthcare, a leader in value based care, now offers Crystal Run Health Plans for small groups in Orange and Sullivan counties.

Marshall & Sterling has an array of options available that allow members the freedom to see Crystal Run Providers while maintaining quality coverage with MVP, Health Republic and Crystal Run Health Plans. With all of the options available, we are able to customize your benefit options to meet your companies' and members' needs.

Plans are available starting as low as $316. 47 for a single plan! Please see a small sample of the options below.  


  Crystal Run* Health Plan - Platinum Crystal Run* Health Plan - Bronze MVP  - Bronze Health Republic - Platinum Health Republic - Silver Health Republic - Bronze
Deductible No deductible $5,000/$10,000 $4,000/$8,000 No Deductible


PCP Office Visit $10 copay 100% after Deductible

$30 copay after Deductible

$15 copay $30 copay 
50% after Deductible
In-patient Hospital $300 copay 100% after Deductible 30% after Deductible $500 copay $1,500 copay after Deductible 50% after Deductible

$10/$30/$60, $100 Deductible

(Tier 1 Waived)

$15/$50/$80 after Deductible

(Tier 1 Waived)

$5/$40/$60 after Deductible $10/$30/$60 $10/$35/$70 $10/$35/$70 after Deductible
Single Rate $614.93 $366.82


$531.50 $386.86 $316.47
Emp./Spouse $1,229.87 $733.63



$773.68 $632.92
Emp./Children $1,045.39 $623.59 $691.22 $903.54 $657.63 $537.97
Family $1,752.56 $1,045.43 $1,158.81 $1,514.76 $1,102.49 $901.90

* Benefits for the Core Network

Please contact your Account Manager to review all of the options available for your company. We would also be happy to review how these plans can be offered thru the Marshall & Sterling Marketplace, which allows you to set a defined employer contribution amount while giving your members the ability to select the best plan option to meet their individual needs and budget.