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E-Alert: Have You Reviewed Your Employee Handbook Lately?

February 4, 2016

All employers should have well-drafted employee handbooks. However, those handbooks should be updated annually (at least) to ensure that they are in compliance with recent federal, state and local laws that have been passed. 

Please reach out to our Group Benefits team to better understand important protections that your employee handbook needs to contain to best protect you in 2016 - and what recent legal issues require revisions to your employee handbook.

We can discuss the following...

  • Tips for providing handbook rules prohibiting overtime and off-the-clock work.
  •  Methods to ensure your Social Media policy will pass muster with the NLRB.
  •  Understanding Your Drug-Free Policy in Light of State Medicinal Marijuana Laws.
  •  Whether your Anti-Harassment Policy contains the necessary requirements to ensure it is effective.
  •  Have you Revised your FMLA Policy in Accordance with the new rules on same-sex marriage.
  •  Does your FMLA Policy include the important protections it needs to?
  •  Does your ADA Accommodation Policy include Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Employees?
  •  Whether your ADA Accommodation Policy includes a procedure for engaging in the Interactive Process?
  •  Have you revised your handbook to ensure reasonable break-time for nursing Moms.
  •  Have you included a cell-phone and texting policy to help you avoid liability?

Cindy Nichtberger, HR Services Specialist

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