Founded in 1864. An employee-owned company.

Our Professionals

Our insurance professionals in Scotia, Hoosick Falls and Glens Falls are ready to help! Please reach out to us with questions about your account, or to learn more about our insurance programs.

Jeanne Maloy 
Vice President and Branch Manager
518-384-1100, x-1322






Amanda Tran Receptionist 518-384-1100 x-1480
Sales Staff      
Carlo Agneta [See Bio] Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1302
Matthew Cronin [See Bio] Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1418
Ryan Daley Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1337
Christian Greco [See Bio] Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1310
Ian Morgan Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1321
Anthony Parella Sales Executive 518-272-6120 x-1254
Dan Round [See Bio] Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1313
Commercial Lines      
Shauna Agneta Assistant CSR 518-384-1100 x-1331
Debbie Brownell CSR (Hoosick Falls) 518-686-7311 x-1201
Noelle Burkins CSR 518-384-1100 x-1390
Maria DeLorenzo Commercial Lines Manager 518-384-1100 x-1527
Kara Derenzo CSR 518-384-1100 x-1580
Dineen Franco CSR 518-384-1100 x-1325
Laurie Gibson CSR 518-384-1100 x-1361
Debbie Kruman Account Manager 518-384-1100 x-1594
Kathryn Paone CSR 518-384-1100 x-1336
Maryann Purcell CSR 518-384-1100 x-1332
Anita Salisbury CSR 518-384-1100 x-3105
Debbie Wood Assistant CSR 518-384-1100 x-1395
Personal Lines      
Yvonne McCrea [See Bio] VP & Director of Personal Lines 518-384-1100 x-1320
Amber Cottrell Assistant CSR (Hoosick Falls) 518-686-7311 x-1202
Darcey Doyle CSR (Troy) 518-272-6120 x-1250
Margaret Gerwin Assistant CSR (Troy/Hoosick Falls) 518-272-6120  
Kerrie Helwig CSR 518-384-1100 x-1317
Heather Linendoll CSR (Glens Falls) 518-824-1212  
Jeanette Phillips CSR (Hoosick Falls) 518-686-7311 x-1200
Tiffany Robinson CSR 518-384-1100 x-1314
Wendy Weis CSR 518-384-1100 x-1455
Group Benefits      
Rob Cassella [See Bio] Sr. Sales Executive 518-782-9505 x-2187
Whitney Pangburn [See Bio] Sales Executive 518-782-9505 x-2189
Andrea Carpenter Claims CSR 518-384-1100 x-1376
Jaclyn Kelly Sr. Financial Service Representative 518-384-1100 x-1575
Kim Sylvester Financial Service Representative 518-384-1100 x-1305
Jim Galvin Marketing 518-384-1100 x-1511
Nicol Hequembourg Marketing Assistant 518-384-1100 x-1335
Matt Norton Marketing Manager/Sales Executive 518-384-1100 x-1324