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Catastrophe Response & Disaster Planning

Marshall & Sterling Insurance’s Catastrophe Response unit* is equipped with a wide variety of disaster relief supplies, an electrical generator, emergency lighting and equipment to help our clients during difficult times. Our Risk Management & Safety Certification personnel can assist your business with safety and risk issues that arise out of wind damage, flooding and other occurrences.

Catastrophe planning ahead of time can help minimize the impact a disaster has on any given business. Having a structured, and formalized, Disaster Plan for your business is vital. The Marshall & Sterling Safety Certification Program is designed to assist our business customers in developing an in-depth disaster plan, and promote a safer and more compliant work environment, thereby helping to control their losses, and manage risks to their business.

Being well prepared when disaster strikes is critical for businesses. Marshall & Sterling Insurance offers a wide array of services to help minimize the effects of catastrophic events. In addition to our risk management and safety certification, Marshall & Sterling can also provide on-site catastrophe response support to a client in need, to assist with the many difficult stages of recovery from a large storm or catastrophe.

Combined with the myriad safety and loss control resources of our many carriers, our team can provide the necessary risk management information and loss control resources and tools to help our clients in times of disaster.

* Catastrophe Response Vehicles are dispatched at the discretion of Marshall & Sterling, and cannot be guaranteed at all emergencies.

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