Don’t Slip Up and Hurt your Bottom Line!

Did you know that slip, trip and fall claims can drive up insurance costs, soak up valuable time and cause a negative impact on employees? Marshall & Sterling Insurance has one of the longest London insurance relationships in the Check Cashing Industry. When we review our claims data the trend for trip, slip and fall claims it is impactful. It can cause:

  • Liability and workers compensation insurance premium increases
  • Lost time handling lawsuits and insurance claims
  • Injured employees out of work contributing to short staffing at a time when hiring is a challenge

Marshall & Sterling’s dedicated Check Cashing Claims team works on behalf of our clients to weed out false claims and provide maximum insurance indemnification for our insureds to protect you and your business.  But we know that Frequency matters – it drives rating factors and costs – so we want to provide you resources to get out ahead of slips, trips and falls.

Take Control with Processes that Make Employees Feel Valued

Using rewards is a great way to engage your retail employees in workplace safety! For example, staff can use the attached checklist weekly in the office, walkways and entrance. Once completed they can keep a copy on file. At the end of claims free month, thank the staff and reward them with pizza or gift cards. Or make a point system for keeping the location claims free and award gift cards at the end of the year.

Download this Slip, Trip and Fall Checklist

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