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Celebrating Sales Excellence

Each year, we hold a Sales Executives Conference to help excite and inform our Sales Executives, and celebrate their success over the last year. This year our team celebrated at Rivers Casino in Schenectady, with a special session from the team at Sandler Training. The event was generously sponsored by our partners at ProAct Pharmacy Benefit Management and Specific Solutions, Inc. It was great to have their support, and learn more about the many coverages and benefits they can provide our clients.

As part of the awards event following our day-long conference, we took time to celebrate staff milestones. We also announced our newest promotions to Senior Sales Executive: Matt Cronin from our Scotia office and Stephen Kalmus from Middletown. 

We want to congratulate all of our Sales Executives, but especially those who received our top honors for their performance in 2018! They worked hard, and are an inspiration to our new sales team members. We are proud to have them as employee owners, and were excited to share these awards as thanks for their dedication and contributions to Marshall & Sterling. 

President's Club Honorees: (Alphabetical order, * indicates highest level: Chairman's Club Honorees)

  • Joe Grosse (Millbrook)

  • Dave Horton (Specialty Risks Division)

  • Peter Ingellis (Group Benefits Division, Poughkeepsie)

  • Patricia Knight (St. Croix)

  • Dean Lysenko (Wealth Advisors Division, Poughkeepsie)

  • Peter Mahoney (New Windsor)

  • Corlette Morris* (St. Thomas)

  • Ryan Nelthropp (St. Croix)

  • Brad Palmiter (Group Benefits Division, Poughkeepsie)

  • Colin Probyn (St. Thomas)

  • Denny Quinn (Wealth Advisors Division, Poughkeepsie)

  • Michael Ryan (Wealth Advisors Division, Kingston)

  • Chet Schneider (Group Benefits Division, Poughkeepsie)

  • Brian Seigerman (Monticello)

  • Kelly Sherman* (Millbrook)

  • Brad Weaver (Poughkeepsie)

Virgin Islands Sales Excellence Honorees:

  • Corlette Morris (St. Thomas)
  • Patricia Knight (St. Croix)
  • Ryan Nelthropp (St. Croix)

Wealth Advisors Sales Excellence Honorees:

  • Denny Quinn (Poughkeepsie)
  • Mike Ryan (Kingston)
  • Dean Lysenko (Poughkeepsie)

Property & Casualty Sales Excellence Honorees:

  • Joe Grosse (Millbrook)
  • Dave Horton (Specialty Risks)
  • Peter Mahoney (New Windsor)

Group Benefits Sales Excellence Honorees:

  • Chet Schneider (Poughkeepsie)
  • Eric Davids (Poughkeepsie)
  • Peter Ingellis (Poughkeepsie)

Personal Lines Sales Excellence Honorees:

  • Kelly Sherman (Millbrook)
  • Outstanding Achievement recognition: John Singh (Brewster)