ACA Employer Mandate Penalties Are Imminent

The IRS has taken actions indicating that employer mandate penalties under the ACA are about to be enforced—recently announcing that it would begin sending pay or play penalty notices to employers this quarter.

The announcement came via updated Q&As on the IRS website describing how Affordable Care Act employer mandate penalties would be assessed and contested. The procedures, which were updated on November 2, 2017, are the IRS’ strongest signal that the employer mandate penalties are imminent.

The full IRS guidance can be found here: Questions and Answers on Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions. In particular, questions 55 through 58 provide guidance for employers who may be subject to shared responsibility payments.

Marshall & Sterling has a solution that organizes and manages all the complexities of the ACA. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming reporting season or the potential penalties, please contact us.