FTE Calculation Tools Available

As you may know, beginning in 2016, all employers with 1-100 employees (full-time + FTEs) must be issued small group coverage. To assist you in determining your FT/FTE totals we have several tools available.

Please click this link to watch the first episode of our new "Compliance Minute" video series. This short video will provide a concise and helpful overview in determining your FTE total.

Click here to download the slides for the video, and here to download an excel spreadsheet with a built in FTE calculator. This spreadsheet mirrors the one from the Compliance Minute video; simply replace the listed numbers with your actual counts to determine your annual 2015 FTE average.


*Note: While NYS small group expansion considers all employers with 1-100 FTEs to be a part of the "small group  market," under Federal Healthcare Reform (ACA) all employers with 50+ FTEs are considered Applicable Large Employers who are subject to "Play or Pay."

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