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  Latest News & Information on Federal Healthcare Reform

  Release Date
» IRS Issues Second Notice on "Cadillac" Excise Tax August 12, 2015
» Important News for all Health Republic Members July 27, 2015
» Increased Penalties for Non-Compliance with ACA Reporting Requirements July 14, 2015
» Important News for Members Utilizing Crystal Run Healthcare Providers July 13, 2015
» Increased Penalties for Non-Compliance with ACA Reporting Requirements July 8, 2015
» Important Compliance Info for NYC Employers July 8, 2015
» ACA Here to Stay - Supreme Court Upholds Federal Subsidies
June 26, 2015
» PCORI Fees Due by July 31
June 11, 2015
» CHECKLIST: ACA Compliance with Self Audit Tool
June 2, 2015
» HSA Account Limits Announced
May 8, 2015
»  Compliance Alert: EEOC Proposes New Wellness Program Regulations May 5, 2015
» NYC Commuter Ordinance
Mar. 30, 2015
»CHECKLIST: Compliance Quick Reference Checklist Mar. 25, 2015
»CHECKLIST: Pay or Play Information Reporting Mar. 25, 2015
»Understanding Employer Reporting Requirements for Applicable Large Employers Mar. 3, 2015
» New Law Eliminates Annual Notice Requirement Under
NYS Wage Theft Protection Act
Jan. 16, 2015
» Does Your ACA Solution Cover All The Bases? Dec. 1, 2014
» CDPHP News: Crystal Run Leaving CDPHP Network Nov. 10, 2014
» CDPHP News: Employer Funding Attestation Form Oct. 31, 2014
» Important Information Regarding Medicare Part D Notice Sept. 16, 2014
» Change in MVP Pharmacy Benefits Manager July 31, 2014
» Supreme Court Issues Decision on Contraceptive Coverage Mandate July 1, 2014
»  2015 Compliance Checklist June 18, 2014
» Pay or Play Penalty - When to Start Tracking Employee Hours May 15, 2014
» HSA Limits Will Increase in 2015
Apr. 25, 2014
» ACA Seminar Replay Presentation - Large Group Employers Apr. 15, 2014
» ACA Seminar Replay Presentation - Small Group Employers
Apr. 15, 2014
» Key ACA Taxes & Fees (PCOR)
Apr. 11, 2014
» HHS Issues Notice of Benefit & Payment Parameters for 2015 Final Rule March 13, 2014
» 2014 Compliance Checklist and Pediatric Dental Mandate Feb. 20, 2014
» UPDATE: Compliance for medium-sized employers is delayed until 2016 Feb. 12, 2014
» Rates for NY Health Care Insurance Marketplace Exchange Nov. 13, 2103
» IRS Guidance on Transition Relief for Cafeteria Plans Nov. 1, 2013
» IRS Guidance on the Health FSA "Use-or-Lose" Rule Oct. 31, 2013
» Compliance Update: IRS to Recognize All Legal Same-Sex Marriages for Federal Tax Purposes Sept. 6, 2013
» DOL Clarifies FMLA Rights for Same-Sex Spouses Sept. 6, 2013
» Compliance Update: Section Three of DOMA Falls Aug. 13, 2013
» Limit on Waiting Period for California Employees Jul. 25, 2013
» The View from Proskauer: Health Care Reform Litigation Risks Jun. 14, 2013
» The Future of Domestic Partner Health Benefits Jun. 14, 2013
» U.S. Supreme Court Decision on DOMA May Impact Status of Children of Same-Sex Spouses for Employee Benefits Purposes Jun. 14, 2013
» More To Do's to Add to Your 2013 Health Plan Compliance Calendar- Dont Forget about HIPAA/HITECH Jun. 14, 2013
» Exchange Model Notices, Updated Cobra Election Notice, Small Business Tax Credit Additional Information May 17, 2013
» Small Business Tax Credits for Small Employers May 16, 2013

Health Care Reform
The new landmark health reform legislation brings new responsibilities for employers, as well as future considerations for those offering company-sponsored health benefits.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590 - PPACA), signed into law enacts the most sweeping change in U.S. social policy in over a half century. Right now employers need to understand what exactly is in the law and what provisions will have the greatest impact on them. Marshall & Sterling's team of benefits experts will continue to monitor and advise you about all aspects of health care reform.
What Employers Need to Know
After a detailed analysis of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Marshall & Sterling has identified some key provisions that could have significant impact on all employers and employer-sponsored health benefits plans. Below are some links to expanded information provided for employers with existing plans. Additional requirements will apply to employer plans adopted after enactment. Although many of the provisions in the bill will not go into effect until 2014, and in one case 2018, some take effect the first plan year following six months after enactment.

Employer Mandates
Employers who employ more than 200 employees must automatically enroll new full-time employees in coverage. Employers must also provide employees with an opportunity to opt-out of coverage. Clarification on the effective date of this provision is forthcoming.