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hurricane-10-12 The recent passing of Tropical Storms Danny and Erika have reminded us of the need to be prepared for heavy weather at this time of year.  An important part of that preparation is checking your insurance policy to be sure your coverage adequately addresses your current needs.
  • Have you recently reviewed the values of the property covered?
  • Does your policy cover damage from the peril of windstorms?

Property insurance in the Virgin Islands is as affordable as it has been in a long time.  Contact one of our Client Service Representatives to review your current coverage or receive a quote.

As for the rest of your storm preparation, we've put together some tips to help protect your business, organization or family...Read More

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Flood Insurance Act Provides Relief from
Planned Premium Increases

The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 will...

  • Limit flood insurance premium increases to no more than 18 percent a year
  • Repeal a provision requiring immediate premium increase when a home changes ownership.
  • Reinstate the flood insurance program's grandfathering provision.

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Are You Safe in the Sun?

Many people describe sun-tanned skin as a "healthy glow," but nothing could be further from the truth. There is no such thing as a safe, healthy tan.

Sun Damage

Any type of suntan is the result of sun damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Other types of sun damage include wrinkles, age spots, freckles, tough or leathery skin, dilated blood vessels, sunburn and skin cancer.

Skin Cancer

People are most susceptible to skin cancer when they are exposed to sudden, short bursts of sunlight while in places where the sun is very strong, such as location near the equator or at very high altitudes.

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Commitment to our
Business Community


"And I would like to suggest something that each and every one of us should do right now, something that has long been a requirement of Economic Development Commission beneficiaries, but that now should become the policy and practice of us all, and that is to support Virgin Islands businesses first."

Governor John P. deJongh
United States Virgin Islands

Theodore Tunick & Company supports Governor deJongh's statement from his 2012 State of the Territory address, and we encourage the Virgin Islands business community to Think Local First!

What the Hardening Insurance Market Means for Your Business


As industry experts closely monitor the market, the state of the insurance industry continues to fluctuate. This can be confusing for business owners trying to forecast future insurance costs while experts try to project whether insurance premiums will rise and by how much.

What is clear is that risk management, loss control and safety continue to be crucial to the success of any business insurance package, regardless of market conditions. Now is a good time to evaluate your business’s risk management plan as a whole to ensure your business can attain favorable pricing regardless of market conditions.

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Informational Videos

Electrical Safety Tips.


Importance of Personal Umbrella Policies?

Simple Sump Pump Mainentance.

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Theodore Tunick & Company has been providing quality insurance products and services to the U.S. Virgin Islands longer than any other company. We are proud of our company, proud of our employees, and proud to be part of Marshall & Sterling, Inc. You may learn more about Theodore Tunick & Company, and obtain free quotes by clicking on the Resources Toolbox to the right.We look forward to serving your insurance needs.

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